Benefit & Savings

Benefits & Savings

Benefits & Savings

As companies continue to grow they will always look after their most important asset, their people. Companies who care about them, know that to attract and keep the best talent, they need benefits and savings plans that are relevant. At benefitsConnect, we are a one-stop shop that can provide everything that an employee and employers need to provide the best possible family security in tough, catastrophic times. Knowing that your employer has a quality benefits and savings plan puts your mind at ease while you work.

Benefits: What makes us different?

Employee Benefits represent a significant cost to a business. But it plays a very important role. Government healthcare programs just don’t cut it any longer. When catastrophic events happen to your employees and their families, ensuring their security and well-being is vital.

benefitsConnect recognizes that every company has unique needs and we have flexible solutions for you. Our goal is to deliver the most value for your benefit dollars. Our services speak for themselves:

  • A free consultation in our “Discovery Process” to find what your company needs
  • We work on a Full Disclosure basis: our process, access to the insurance companies, our services, how we get paid and how easy it is to request a change with us (A simple letter)
  • Let us conduct a marketing examination to ensure your program coverage and pricing is as competitive as possible. If you need Marketing of your plan, we can do that
  • We will act as a Liaison for your claims problems with your insurance carrier
  • benefitsConnect will work on your behalf to negotiate your annual renewal with the insurance carrier; ensuring the best value each and every year
  • Our team can design cost containment plan options to ensure your program remains financially sustainable into the future as cost of the claims increase
  • We deliver ongoing services to your employees in the form of employee meetings, webinars, 1-800#s and our HR in your pocket solution exclusively at benefitsConnect
Products we use to create your solutions
  • Basic life insurance, Accidental life insurance, Dependent life insurance, Optional life insurance and Critical Illness
  • Short and Long term Disability coverage
  • Prescription Drugs, Out of Country coverage, Paramedical Doctors example Chiropractor, Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Dental Coverage including Basic, Restorative example Dentures and Orthodontics

Everyone wants to retire comfortably and that requires saving some of your hard earned money. Whether you decide to retire to the US, build a cottage in Muskoka or work on your gardens at your primary home, benefitsConnect

  • Group RRSP: A smart way to get employee on the path to savings
  • Defined contribution Pension plan: A sure fired way to make sure employees funds are “locked in” for retirement
  • Defined benefits plans: A formulated plan to create retirement funds
  • Deferred profit sharing plans: When corporate profits are obtained, employees receive funds in these plans