How will benefitsConnect save us time?

benefitsConnect is a fully integrated mobile & desktop application. By tying into your current insurance carriers’ systems, we remove duplication of efforts.

What is the advantage of carrier integration?

Have a new employee coming on board? benefitsConnect allows HR to send the employee an enrolment form right to their mobile phone. Once completed, the enrolment is sent directly to the carrier’s system for review. No more chasing down paper & wet signatures.

Giving a well-deserved raise? Simply update the salary through the benefitsConnect Admin Site and the employee’s benefits, pension and payroll files are all automatically updated.

How does benefitsConnect help streamline the applicant tracking process?

benefitsConnect ties into online job boards (indeed, linkedin) and allows resumes to be uploaded and tracked by your HR staff. From here, benefitsConnect allows you to send an offer letter to your ideal candidate.

How does benefitsConnect help with onboarding of a new employee?

Automates tracking and signature of orientation training, workplace safety training.