Today, ever more plan sponsors are searching for ways to improve the overall health & wellness of their employee population. Many plan sponsors are implementing proactive & preventative employee wellness programs with the goal of garnering positive health outcomes for their staff. By ensuring that the individuals in your organization are happy & healthy at work and at home, the organization functions more efficiently and a return on investment is achieved.  

In order for these efforts to have a meaningful impact, plan sponsors need to stay abreast of trends & forecasts while working collaboratively with all stakeholders. Time & resources are often limited, and having a strategy is crucial in order to deliver the most value to your organization. Sanofi Canada, a well respected organization in the world of healthcare solutions, has completed their 2019 survey which contains insights from a wide array of organizations, with both the Employers and Employees perspectives captured.

Take a look at some of the key findings below to ensure your Employee Wellness strategy hits the mark:

Both plan members and plan sponsors significantly underestimate the number of drugs covered by their workplace prescription drug plan.

  • Plan sponsors continue to underestimate the presence of chronic disease or conditions in their workforce, which suggests they could also be underestimating their impact.
  • Improved physical fitness is a priority for plan members, whereas improved mental health is a priority for plan sponsors investing in wellness initiatives.
  • Four out of five plan sponsors would like to better understand absenteeism in their workforce.

Use this link to learn more about the 2019 SANOFI CANADA HEALTHCARE SURVEY.