National Pharmacare and Private Drug Plan Sponsors

Current Issues:

Drugs administered outside of a hospital setting are paid by private plans;
Many high-cost drugs (and life-sustaining) are administered outside a hospital setting;

Oncology drugs
Orphan drugs
Anti-inflammatory drugs (Arthritis, Crohn’s/Colitis, Plaque Psoriasis)
The high-cost drugs financially impact private and public benefit plans;

Most private drug/health plans are priced based on claims experience; businesses are increasingly unable to afford to offer benefits comparable to government organizations.
Employers are changing their plans to offload high-cost drugs back onto public plans (most of which were designed to be supplemental to private plans).
Publicly funded drug coverage for certain conditions (i.e. Cancer) varies across the country;

BC has a very robust cancer strategy v. NS or ON.
The trend in drug development is for medications administered outside a hospital setting;

70% of the oncology drug pipeline are orally administered (and therefore largely outside public funding guidelines).


Modernize Medicare;

High-cost drugs treating life sustaining conditions;

Oncology and related treatments
Orphan drugs
Curative treatments
Stop differentiating between pharmacological treatment and traditional hospital-based treatments for the same conditions.
Standardize definition of covered treatment under Medicare across all jurisdictions that include drug treatments.
Maintain private payor supplemental coverage for maintenance/lifestyle medications.
Require manufacturers to maintain a ‘one price’ policy regardless of dispensing source and regulate national supply requirements for domestic use (i.e. restrict sale/export to US).

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