As we prepare to move into Phase 3, of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember not all employees will enter back into the workforce feeling the way they did before the virus started. Many employees worry if their jobs will be there; and some worry how long their jobs may last. Others may be worried about the impact this will have on their own well-being and the well-being of their family. As their employer it is important to know that every employee challenge is different and there is no “cookie cutter” solution.

Now could be the right time to consider a wellness health solution for employees! Traditional solutions such as an Employee and Family Assistance Program, which we currently offer through Humanacare, can be very useful. This solution provides confidential virtual mental health counselling to employees and their families; and can be a great tool to help them manage through this difficult time.

An alternative solution would be to add a virtual health platform, such as Wello. Some employees are very leery about going to a hospital or medical clinic to seek medical treatment, so providing them with a solution which allows them to talk to a Registered Professional Nurse, about their health concerns over the internet, can be a huge relief and benefit for them.

Even adding something like WorkPerks, a platform which enables employees to purchase items electronically, at discounted prices, can be very useful. Anything to help them save some money could greatly benefit their mental well-being.

Last but not least, it is most important to keep your communication lines open. Keeping your employees informed on what is happening can be just as powerful as any tangible benefit. Sometimes, a simple call or chat lets them know you are there to help. It some instances the simplest of gestures hold the highest value.