During this unprecedented pandemic we want to remind you to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others around you.

If you don’t the impact of the consequences will come in many different shapes and forms. Then, unfortunately you’ll be stuck in a place of illness or unhappiness and as a result you won’t be able to offer any help or support to anyone else!

Lets take some time to stop, reflect and reassess your priorities, then help those around you to follow along.  Here are some tips to help you do it.  Start of slow so that any changes you make become a habit.

  • Understand that you can’t be everything for everyone. Accept that. Be ok with it.
  • Spend your days focusing on what’s most important to you, and scrap everything else from your agenda. This is the first step to cleaning up your days and making time for relaxation and recharging.
  • Value yourself, your time and your energy like your clients or colleagues do. You are worth a lot more than you think. Make sure you optimise how you spend your day, focusing your time and energy on the things which bring you the highest return (both in terms of happiness and finances).
  • Schedule relaxation and recharge time. Mix it up. Make sure your relaxation time includes socializing at a distance, physical exercise and resting.
  • Every week make sure you have at least a few hours of ‘me time’. This is the time when you get to do whatever you want on your own without any interruption. Maybe it’s simply going for a solitary walk and let your thoughts take over you. Maybe it’s listening to your favourite music and eating your favourite guilty pleasure. Or maybe it’s cuddling up on the sofa with your favourite bevvy and a good book. Whatever it is, make sure you do this at least once a week.
  • Eat and drink well. Always carry a bottle of water with you and some snacks (including fruit) in your bag. Hydrate yourself. You need water in order to use you brain effectively.
  • Have a deadline to finish work at a certain hour everyday. If you don’t schedule it, it’s unlikely to happen. Sure there may be a day here and day there that you’ll need to work past that deadline – but don’t make it a regular occurrence! In order to be your most productive and alert you need to give your mind and body a proper rest as well.
  • Get enough sleep! This is so underestimated and yet so important. Without sleep your body and brain get no chance to recover or regenerate new cells in your body to keep it strong and healthy.