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benefitsConnect Inc. is an advisory firm specializing in Employee Benefits, Savings and HR. Our Head office is located in beautiful downtown Toronto. Formerly known as Morrow Crossdale & Associates, we have over 50 years of experience leading the industry.

With advancements in technology, Employee Benefits & Total Rewards industry the marketplace is rapidly changing. The definition of an exceptional customer experience is evolving just as fast. At benefitsConnect, it is our mission to stay at forefront of this technological evolution in order to offer the absolute best customer experience in the market.

Today, benefitsConnect is focused on revolutionizing the way employers & employees’ interface with their benefits and group savings plans.

Employers and employees are demanding a single, integrated system allowing the seamless management of benefits, savings, payroll, onboarding, as well as employee administration and communication to their mobile smartphone.

You will have the ability to communicate savings/benefits details, vacation requests, pay stub & payroll details and so much more in real time to your team – all while being fully connected with your employer from your smartphone device.

We understand the challenge that HR professionals & employees face, and we want to help! Let us save you valuable time and resources by fully integrating your HR functions onto the benefitsConnect platform.


Your employees are looking at their phone. Who isn’t these days? Why not bring the importance of total rewards to their phones and ENGAGE YOUR WORKFORCE


HR Managers waste an average of 14 hours per week completing tasks manually that could be automated using benefitsConnect.


On average, North American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media, according to a new study by market research group Nielsen. That’s up from nine hours, 32 minutes just four years ago.

Innovative Technology

benefitsConnect OS & Pay

benefitConnect is an all-in-one cloud-based human capital management solution that reduces administrative tasks, manages complex employee lifecycles from hire-to-retire, designed specifically with HR in mind as it directly integrates with the insurance carriers and has complete payroll capability.



Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

HR Managers can post jobs with top job boards directly from benefitConnect, where applicants can be screened, tracked, communicated with and scheduled for interviews.  Once a hiring decision has been made they are easily moved to Onboarding.


Onboarding vs. Orientation


Within benefitsConnect the two are quite different.  benefitsConnect streamlines the process for hiring new employees in several ways:  1) One-time entry, 2) Employee self service portal, so that the information is the most accurate it can be, 3) Tracking completed documents, and 4) Compliance which has employees sign-off on policy specific documents, i.e. employee handbooks, benefit booklets. Tasks can also be assigned to team members for training purposes.


Orientation – is on-the-job knowledge gathering, assigning mentors, learning how the company operates with feet on the ground.  Meeting team members that the new hire will be regularly interacting with to get their job done.



benefitsConnect has the capability to connect to 3rd party systems, such as accounting software, via an API or File Feed with import functionality. The connection type will depend on the 3rd party system.


If a client transitions mid-year, we will take the taxable benefit year-to-date amount from their benefits provider and continue to add onto that YTD amount. All YTD information will be up to date no matter what time of the year the implementation starts.


You can have as many bank accounts as your organization currently uses to run payroll.



Our customer service is our most important feature at benefitsConnect. 


benefitsConnect provides a 1-800 service line that is accessible Monday to Friday 9-5 EST. We also have a help desk email. Both can resolve all your technical needs.



Implementation time varies. However, it is usually 10-12 weeks (it depends on how many services you elect to use). Your implementation team will provide you with a detailed timeline.



Benefits Connect can push out alerts and notifications, policy changes to employee handbooks and newsletters and other corporate communiques, as well as chat directly to HR.



One of the most important topics for HR admins is to be able communicate to other stakeholders in the company, by providing accurate data that can be used to make strategic decision to drive business results.  benefitsConnect has both customizable and standard reporting available in various formats, such as:  CSV, Excel



Your implementation specialist will ensure that all administrators are fully trained on how to navigate through the various features chosen.



In the event that your employees don’t have a smart phone, benefitsConnect also has a desktop computer version called an employee portal. We suggest a desktop computer or “terminal” be made available for employees to access at work.



benefitsConnect is a cloud-based HCM platform hosted with Amazon Web services with no limit for storage.  Amazon has a 99.9 % durability and 99.9% availability of objects, with multiple redundancies, all to ensure your solution never goes down. 


This provides for unlimited room for growth. Not only can you store as much employee information as you need, but you can store as many documents as necessary in our document storage library.



System Capabilities


The benefitsConnect app is based on a mobile social media-like presence.



The bell can be found at the top right corner.


Are highlighted on the mobile app.


Can show unique business colours and logos with customized views

Document Library

HR policies can be pre-loaded and included as part of Onboarding or used as a reference tool – employee handbooks and other process manuals can be uploaded

Electronic Signatures


Required documents can be signed online or through the mobile app 

Quick Link feature

Asks the user ‘what would you like to do’?


Shows upcoming events – important dates to remember

Drop down menus

Quickly locate information – for ease and efficiency

Admin Access

Restrictions based on role and can be customized




All provinces in Canada





What makes your benefit and savings plan stand out?


We are not order takers but prefer to work in engaging discussion on how to make your employees happy with their Total Rewards offering.


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